Abstract Submission:
Important Information

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The abstract submission is opened! 

All abstracts will now be reviewed at once by two independent reviewers from the scientific committee and according to those reviews the whole symposium or only parts will be accepted.

This list is an orientation and raises no claim of completeness


Scientific topics:

1.1) Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders
1.2) Doctor-patient-communication
1.3) Depressive disorders
1.4) Eating disorders
1.5) Psychosomatic rehabilitation and social medicine
1.6) Stress-related disorders and trauma
1.7) Psychocardiology, psychodiabetology
1.8) Psychometry and psychodiagnostics
1.9) Psycho-oncology
2.0) Psychosomatics in transplantation medicine
2.1) Interface and cross-sectoral networking
2.2) Somatoform disorders and pain
2.3) (non-substance-related) addictive disorders
2.4) Work and social environment and return to work
2.5) Innovation workshop
2.6) Migration and intercultural psychosomatics
2.7) New media and E-Therapy
2.8) Prevention and early treatment
2.9) Type of care (outpatient/ inpatient/ rehabilitation)
3.0) Special therapy / adjuvant therapy
3.1) Psychotherapy
3.2) Attachment
3.3) Psychophysiology, psychoneuroendocrinology and –immunology
3.4) Education and training
3.5) Various